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IMPORTANT When you arrive at Ulva Ferry pier or any other embarkation point, please stand well back from the water and take notice of other activities around you. Fishing boats and ferry traffic all use the pier, give them due consideration. Make yourself known to the crew but under no circumstances attempt to board the vessel without permission from the crew. When boarding take note of the gap between the boat and the pier, use the hand holds to assist boarding and make your way safely onto the boat. At all times keep your whole body inside the boat, do not attempt to push away from a wall or other vessel or hang over the side. Do not pass the cabin on the outside, take note of the signs preventing access to the bows. While on passage make sure you are in control of your movements by always keeping hold of a rail or hand gold, this is particularly important when moving about the boat. Remember the rule: one hand for you and one hand for the boat. Take care not to trip over objects and move slowly, boats can lurch suddenly in some conditions.

While observing wildlife by all means get excited, we still do every time! But please no shouting or sudden movements. If you have pets with you it is your responsibility to keep them under control. Some of our wildlife encounters can be at close quarters do not reach out to animals at any time.

At most times you are welcome in the wheelhouse, have a seat and a chat or get warm but please donít touch any equipment radars radio switches etc.

When the trip is over and we return to port please allow the crew plenty of time and room to prepare the boat. You will be asked to keep away from a certain area, do not enter this area after being asked to move and do not block the wheelhouse doorway. Once the boat is secure the crew will advise you when it is safe to disembark. Once again take note of any gap and step across to the pier or steps DO NOT JUMP. The pier is tidal and at some stages can cover so be aware of this.

We recommend that you wear suitable clothing and footwear for your trip with us. Non slip waterproof boots or wellingtons are ideal but please, no cleats or studs. As with most boats water can slosh through the scuppers if the boat rolls so sandals or light pumps can get wet and spoil your enjoyment. Likewise do not leave bags on the deck for the same reason; there is ample storage on the seats, engine box or inside the cabin.

Clothing is best in layers with the outer shell being waterproof and windproof. Plenty of layers mean you keep warm but can shed a layer if you become too warm. Donít forget to protect your head too. Sunglasses are a really good idea, even on dull days the sea reflects light which can get tiring after looking for wildlife for a few hours. A peaked cap can also be useful to shield eyes. Sunscreen should be worn on clear days to prevent burning.

Your valuable cameras and binoculars etc. Should be on neck straps and secured, please remember they donít float! Look after them at all times, if in doubt they can be temporarily stored in the wheelhouse.

If the trip entails a visit to another island then landing will be by small boat. Some degree of agility is required to get from one vessel to another, please consider this when choosing your trip. We always strive to maintain our environment, at all times follow the country code and take nothing but memories and leave nothing but footprints. On certain trips we are the only regular visitors. Please donít approach habitation or buildings, respect privacy at all times. If you find things lying around they are probably not lost, just waiting for their owners to come back.

Fishing trips are great fun but getting caught on a sharp hook can be an unpleasant experience. Take care not to stab yourself or the crew if they are helping you. Bait knives are used for cutting bait and are very sharp, donít cut yourself when using then. Only cut bait on a board never on a gunnell or other surface. At all times listen to the skippers instructions when to put lines in the water or take them out, a fishing line wound round the prop shaft can end a session. Do not cast. Put all old line and lures in the bin provided do not discard overboard. Safely return all fish which arenít to be kept for eating, they are the future of our sport and vital to the well being of our environment.

Lastly, if you have got this far you take your safety and enjoyment as seriously as I do. Take care of yourself and those around you, if you spot something you think unusual point it out to the crew. Above all enjoy the experience, wildlife and fishing can sometimes be fickle and sometimes prolific. We never have two days or even two trips the same, be prepared and you will enjoy whatever comes your way. All trips are subject to the weather and tide and can be cancelled curtailed or changed as deemed appropriate by the skipper at any time before or during a trip, his decision is final.


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